Four Important Lessons Every New Writer Should Know.

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In this post I will go over the important lessons I have learned and that every aspiring writer should know up front. That’s the only way to be successful. I’ve heard a lot of people say, “I could write a book about all my past experiences”. And the first thought that always crosses my mind is”well, why don’t you”.


  • The reason why is pretty simple. Writing is Hard Work. It takes a lot of discipline and dedication to sit and write a book. It sounds very glamorous to tell someone that you want to write a book. But not everyone who starts the project can finish it. I have spent many early mornings and late nights trying to perfect my craft, and I am still a work in progress.


  • As with anything else, when starting a wring project, especially one as big as writing a novel, you need to have a plan. I had never taken an official writing class, other than English Lit in high school. I had written many short stories and poems from I was a child, with the ideas and the words coming naturally to me. But after I wrote my first couple pages, I know that in order to get my novel to completion, I needed a plan. To help formulate a plan, I turned to Google Search and looked up “How to write a novel for beginners”.  I found tons of great information and free tutorials that helped me hone my work.


  • The next step was to create an outline. In my previous post “It All Started With a Dream“, I mentioned how I got the idea for my novel. But I still needed a structure to get it on paper. This was one of my biggest takeaways from all the research I did about writing. You need to have an outline in order to stay on track. Some writers have outlines that are so detailed that by the time they are done creating one, half their book is complete. My outline wasn’t quite so detailed. It was a short summary of what each chapter was about, and I did it in a spiral notebook. Not at all fancy. But it made a tremendous impact on my writing.

  • The next, and by far, the most important thing I had to do was write consistently. I have started projects in the past, then abandon them after a week or so, because I couldn’t find the time to write consistently. I had to find the time to write regularly. This was a hard one to tackle because I worked twelve-hour shifts at my job and I wanted to write every day. I realized I wrote more meaningful pages when I woke up early and had little distraction. So I woke up at 5:30 every morning (remember when I said writing takes dedication and commitment lol) and wrote for about ninety minutes until it was time to get the kiddies ready for school. My writing has improved tremendously since I implemented these lessons.

As a novice in this field, I am learning new things every day. As I continue to learn, I plan to pass on my growing knowledge with you, my readers.

So long for now.